When a successful company expands its offerings, enters new markets, or acquires other companies, it risks confusing the market with mixed messages about its business. Long-time customers may begin to question the company's direction and potential customers may be unclear what value the business delivers.

my approach

I help maturing companies provide clarity around the brand vision so employees and customers understand the full value of what the company provides. I start by working with the leadership team to define a brand strategy and architecture that best supports the long-term business goals.Then I work with the brand leadership team to develop strategies for delivering the brand experience across the organization. And, finally, I steward the creative process for developing the brand identity, creative concept, and brand guidelines to help your brand connect with customers in a meaningful way. The result is a total brand value that exceeds the sum of its parts.

Grant expertly incorporated a series of acquired company and product brands in a way that made sense to our customers.
— David Shevock, Former VP of Marketing

Common needs for maturing companies

  • Integrate acquired brands into the company product porfolio

  • Extend the brand into new offerings and markets

  • Develop a brand architecture to maximize total value

  • Create brand identity and guidelines to ensure a consistent message

  • Educate employees to effectively deliver the brand experience

  • Migrate to the brand of a new corporate parent