Sooner or later, every company reaches a point where it needs to rebrand. It may be that new leadership or a shifting business strategy has outdated the old brand identity. Or new market opportunities and product innovations require repositioning the company for the next phase of growth. Or the competitive environment is now more intense and the company needs to go on the offensive.

My approach

When a company needs to rebrand, I do it in a way that reflects the changing business and drives growth, innovation and excellence for years to come. I work with your company leaders to update the brand position, uncover new strategies for delivering the brand promise, and infuse marketing and sales with new energy. It's a fresh perspective that will help your business leap ahead.

Two years after a name change, Grant helped us redefine our brand and develop a bold creative direction that truly sets us apart in a very competitive market.
— David Rowe, CMO, Enli Health Intelligence

common needs for growing companies

  • Reposition the brand for the next phase of growth

  • Extend the brand into new offerings, markets and customer segments

  • Position the company for a financial event (M&A, venture capital)

  • Refresh the brand identity, visual concept and messaging

  • Create a brand story that inspires employees and motivates buyers

  • Engage employees in the vision and direction of the company