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Take a look behind any leading brand and you will find an organization dedicated to excellence. Its executives understand how a brand vision supports the business strategy. Its employees know how their daily actions deliver the brand promise to the customer. And the culture is driven by the innate desire to be the best.

My Approach

Even the best brand strategy requires strong discipline to make it real. I work with organizations to facilitate the changes required to deliver a consistent brand experience to the customer. It starts with the formation of a brand leadership team that develops strategies for supporting the brand and securing the resources to implement them. I also help the team explore ideas for events, rewards, community involvement and other brand-building activities that create engagement throughout the company.

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brand leadership team

A cross-functional team of employees is needed to ensure the delivery of the brand experience.

Every time an employee gets to touch a customer or a customer gets to touch the brand, that company gets an opportunity to either reinforce its brand position or totally denigrate it.
— Davis & Dunn, Building the Brand-Driven Business

common outcomes

  • A cross-functional brand leadership team

  • Functional strategies for delivering the brand experience to customers

  • Internal brand adoption plan to engage employees

  • A brand communications plan to educate and motivate employees

  • Community initiatives that reinforce brand values

  • Brand assessment measuring internal and external understanding