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It is no coincidence that brand-driven organizations are known for great marketing. A clear brand vision empowers marketing to be strong and bold in its claims. It helps focus the marketing investment in all the right places to drive the business. And it motivates employees to support the marketing claims by delivering the brand promise to the customer.

My approach

Having run a marketing agency for 15 years, I understand the importance of setting the marketing team up for success. I always coordinate with the internal team and outside agencies during the brand development process so they are empowered to do their best work when Iā€™m done. If needed, I can bring in my network of talented creative professionals to develop the brand identity, visual concepts, guidelines, marketing materials and otherwise provide the resources you need to execute the brand.

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The brand identity and guidelines set the tone for all brand communications

The brand strategy Grant delivered for a mutual client gave us exactly what we needed to make the brand come to life. He fills a gap that often exists between business strategy and the creative execution.
— Peter Dean, Studio DAD

common outcomes

  • A brand identity that symbolizes the brand position

  • Brand guidelines ensuring consistent execution of the brand

  • Visual concept to express the brand promise clearly

  • Messaging guidelines for the internal and external use