Blending in is rarely the best way to stand out. Leading brands start by identifying the one thing that sets them apart, then they build the business around it. This gets the entire organization - from product development to customer service, and marketing to sales - behind the same vision and consistently delivering value to the customer.

My approach

I tailor a brand development engagement to fit your brand challenge, organization size, and decision-making process. The work is designed to get input from a range of stakeholders giving leaders, managers, partners and customers a stake in the outcomes. The result is a clear vision for the brand that drives decision-making, action and enthusiasm to create a leading brand.

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Business-brand alignment

I help organizations align their business and brand strategy to get a competitive edge

Differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage.
— Theodore Leavitt, Harvard Business School

common outcomes

  • A clear brand position that differentiates the brand in the market

  • A corporate and product brand architecture that maximizes value

  • Brand meaning, characteristics and tone that defines the brand personality

  • Brand pillars that connect corporate and sub-brand positioning

  • Unique value propositions to guide company decision-making

  • Brand messaging that ensures consistent communication with target persona