A brand identity begins to form the day a business idea is conceived. From that moment, every decision the company makes about its products and services, target customers, internal operations and employee hiring impacts how the brand evolves. Successful entrepreneurs know if they define the brand early, it helps them focus limited resources on a single vision and the business will grow faster.

my approach

I am passionate about small businesses and entrepreneurs who are driven to create something great. I help these early stage companies define the essentials of the brand identity and get it to market quickly. The brand platform I build helps the company educate the market, drive marketing performance, focus employees on key priorities, and share the vision with potential investors. It's a formula for success that helps turn companies into the next big thing.

Whatever startup brands are doing, chances are they’re doing it for the first time. The first presentation to an investor, customer or important employee must be simple, clear and compelling–there are no second chances.
— Derrick Daye, Brand Strategy Insider

common needs for early-stage companies

  • A brand position that clearly defines the key differentiators in the market

  • A brand identity that effectively positions the brand

  • Insights into buyer perceptions, preferences and behavior

  • A visual and messaging framework that effectively communicates the brand value

  • Guidelines for educating employees about the brand and connecting it to their job